Our Approach

Figgy's is a store filled with love and purpose. Each piece of furniture, every trinket, every single decoration has been hand picked by the stores proprietors.  Many of the pieces were hand crafted or refurbished by our team. When you visit our store, you will immediately notice the very different atmosphere that is generated by the composition of items within.  When something has been manufactured without thought for those who might process it later, you may find the product is lifeless. These items having being brought into your home can and do bring the same meaningless feeling into your home or office.

Love is the most powerful of energies known to this world and it can be felt even within inanimate items such as the furniture you sit, lay on, or see.  A chair that a loving grandmother sat on for 75 years and told stories to her grand children and great grandchildren does not lose those years it served those who listened and learned.  This is why Figgy's pays special attention to these item as we know that these items will continue the grand legacy of love within your household.  Come in a feel the vast legacy imbued within the items in your store and within the items we have selected to be restored, refurbished or re-purposed.  The love put into each item within its existence and the continued purposed with the team at Figgy's will be felt immediately. Join us at Figgy's and let the light of God in all of us shine through the history we have gathered for all of you.

Meet the Team

The Team at Figgy's are all part of the Figgy's Family.

The store is family owned and operated with a select few individuals who exemplify the love and care we bring to our store and our customers.  You will always be greeted with a smile and be offered help and genuine interest in your needs

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Tish Huston

Co-Owner and Design and Decorator

Tish has more than 20 years experience in interior design and custom crafts. From Academy Award winning clients to the smallest of projects, her love and passion for design will prevail in each and every project she takes on.

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Mark Huston

C-Owner -Designer and Master Craftsmen

Mark has been designing and building for 35 years.  His works includes some of the most extravagant mansions to the most quaint of cabins in the wilderness.  Mark takes tremendous pride in his work and focus on the clients happiness.  You will seldom come across a man with more knowledge in his work and craft